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Vintage 2018

Garganega & Pinot Grigio

Garda, Italy Italy

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This clever blend uses the richer fruited Garganega (the Soave grape variety) and blends it with the more famous Pinot Grigio. It retains an easy drinking style with ripe citrus aromas and red apple flavours on the palate. A clever and modern interpretation of quaffing Pinot Grigio! Lightly aromatic with ripe stone fruit and citrus characters. A zesty, easy to drink dry white wine with considerable texture and soft, lightly honeyed fruit on the finish.
Highly versatile, ideal as an aperitif or with seafood, grilled fish, salads and cold white meats.


ABV 12.5% by volume 75cl glass bottle with a cork. The TAX content £4.40 that's 48.92%.

Excellent with

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PER BOTTLE £6.95 (inc VAT)

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