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Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New-Zealand New-Zealand

An easy drinking, dry white wine with a generous and juicy palate that defines premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
This wine has aromas of nectarine and fresh citrus with a hint of newly turned gravel and a taste of white stone fruits and generous citrus characters, 'flood the palate'. The wine finishes dry with a finely textured palate and a flavoursome aftertaste.
Serve: Chill to between 12 and 14°C (54 and 57°F) then serve and enjoy

The grapes for Two Tails are grown in Marlborough’s Southern Valley clay gravel soils. The vineyards are on north facing slopes with older river stones under clay gravels washed down from the southern valleys. The vineyards produce grapes with elegant aromas and dense flavours including white stone fruits, ripe citrus and gooseberry. Partial handpicking adds elegant mineral characters to the wine.
The grapes from each vineyard are managed separately in the winery. They are gently rotated in the press to release “free-run” juice. Their juices are fermented in stainless steel tanks with neutral yeasts to capture their individual site and fruit expressions. Selective blending of the fermented wines allows for the finished wine to express its southern valleys origin and its varietal characters in a consistent mouth filling style. Two Tails is made from top quality free-run juice.
We recommend fresh seafood. Oysters and salmon are a natural accompaniment for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and this wine is no exception. Also exciting and compelling are chilli prawns tossed in the wok & served with a side of a citrus dressed, fresh green salad with feta and olive.

Sarah Inkersell the 'Wine Maker' – Sarah’s been winemaking in New Zealand for over 20 years, it’s in her blood and there’s no sign of any ullage yet. Specialising in premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Sarah has a reputation for making wines described as stunning and elegant with great finesse. It’s no wonder her wines are award winning, world class wines.
When Sarah’s not making wine you’ll find her enjoying the great outdoors, she’s pretty good with a fly rod. This girl is gold. That Russell guy is real lucky….
Russell Hooper the 'Marketer' – Russell has a pretty good industry CV, he’s worked over half his life developing international markets for top quality New Zealand wine. He’s the go to guy for sales, distribution, marketing & packaging. He spends a lot of time in the market creating sales and building relationships.
When Russell’s not at work, he’ll be messing up the kitchen, belting it out on the squash court or fly fishing the mighty Wairau.

Fairbourne Premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, as selected by The Specialist Winegrowers of New Zealand.the fairbourne story. ~ Fairbourne is our home, it’s where we live.
At Fairbourne Estate we choose to commit to varietal specialisation and sustainably managed vines to grow consistent, site specific premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. This comes from our history of working with and acknowledging the potential of this popular variety when grown on low fertility sites. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is what we know and where our passion lies. We make an elegant, terroir inspired world class wine for evolved and sophisticated wine lovers. Thus we have became known as New Zealand’s only specialist, artisan producer of premium Sauvignon Blanc.
Fairbourne Estate is proud to have been selected by The Specialist Winegrowers of New Zealand, to represent New Zealand’s iconic grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc.
Fairbourne is a hand-picked, single site wine, grown on a hillside vineyard with clay gravel soils, it’s recognised with consistent 5 star reviews. Our winemaker, Sarah, continuously proves there is more to Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc than the widely recognised style, and we believe that Marlborough’s best wines are yet to be.

ABV 13% by volume 75cl screw top bottle.

PER BOTTLE £8.95 (inc VAT)

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