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CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, United-Kingdom United-Kingdom

Designed with both tonic and cocktails in mind, this Triple Distilled Gin has flavours that will really capture your imagination.

"What we do lies somewhere between an art and a science: Our precision is what helps us achieve our quality of spirit, but it is moments of flair and inspiration which set our Triple Distilled Gin apart. At the outset, we decided that vapour infusion was the best way to keep the flavours delicate enough to create the balance that we wanted. This is why we designed a Carter Head Still. Our Distillery is made from glass and stainless steel, so that we can achieve complete purity in our Vodka base.  The beauty of a glass column is that we can watch our distillations from start to finish to ensure that at each stage it is exactly how we want it."

They have worked with top cocktail makers to create a botanical mix which is memorable for all of the right reasons. “Our characteristic smoothness is achieved with softening tones of vanilla and blueberry, subtle hints of orange and lemon ensuring a clean fresh twist.”

Visit their web site,   http://www.siblingdistillery.com

ABV 42% by volume 70cl Bottle

PER BOTTLE £27.70 (inc VAT)

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