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Vintage 2018

35% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Merlot 15% Syrah 10% Grenache Noir 10% Carignan

Haute Vallee, Languedoc, France France

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Roquebrun is an attractive medieval town in the Languedoc’s Black Mountains. The wellrun co-op here makes some exceptional wines which are centred on the Saint-Chinian appellation. Due to Saint-Chinian’s location being situated slightly higher up, away from the warmer plains, the wines produced can achieve true elegance and finesse. The vineyards are planted on south-facing slopes with the soil comprising of argilo limestone and characteristic smooth pebbles which retain the day’s heat and radiate it at night. Some of the vines are more than twenty years old.

Once the grapes are destemmed, they ferment in stainless steel tanks for 20 days. Automatic punching down of the cap occurs twice a day at a controlled temperature (25° C). Additionally, the must is pumped over once a day. These techniques aid colour and flavour extraction whilst retaining the vibrant fresh fruit characters.
Tasting Note
Vibrant aromas of sweet violets and lavender alongside deep black cherry notes. Smooth, light and soft in texture, leading to flavours of rich blackberries. Juicy, ripe red berries with a hint of vanilla and spice appear on a well-balanced, harmonious finish.
Food Pairings
Pairs perfectly with Mediterranean salads or pizza. Alternatively, try with South East Asian dishes

ABV 13% by volume 75cl bottle with screw top. Tax content £3.73 that's 41.91%

Excellent with

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