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When the Romans conquered Carthago Nova, they encountered the Liqvor Mirabilis – or marvellous liquid.
A golden, aromatic elixir produced and infused from local fruits and herbs.
The Romans banned the production and consumption, but the Carthaginians continued in secret.
Nowadays, this elixir inspires the recipe of Licor 43.
This recipe is a closely guarded secret passed from generation to generation of the Zamora family
Licor 43 derives its delightful taste and golden lustre from an age-old recipe consisting of no fewer than 43 ingredients.
The mix of secret ingredients is not enough to create Licor 43. Only the sum of top expertise, the Zamora family recipe and perfect timings and temperatures; can turn all ingredients into gold.
It all begins with the preparation of the secret formula by a member of the Zamora family. When the liquid is balanced, it’s left to age some months. Once matured, it’s exposed to subzero temperatures, and micro-filtered.
Finally, the liquid is ready to bring golden "Pura Pasión" to glasses all over the world
Taste is the secret secret of its success. Licor 43 emits a bright golden glow that reflects its Mediterranean heritage. The diversity of ingredients, perfectly balanced sugars and alcohol deliver wonderfully layered flavours of vanilla, Mediterranean citrus and spice.
Although perfect when enjoyed pure with or without ice, its flavours are so harmonious that it simply invites other drinks to be mixed with it and is unmatched in its versatility. All said and done, it is only really experienced by tasting.

Orochata "unmistakable cream liqueur ever imagined": made from tiger nuts, Licor 43, sugar, flavoured with cinnamon and lemon and far East spices. 

Canarian coffee, with rich nuances of flavour including chocolate and dried fruits blended beautifully with the Vanilla, Citrus & Botanicals of Licor 43 Original. 

ABV 31% abv 70cl bottle, Screw Top with continental pourer

Excellent with

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